Tim Ferriss

Tim is a really interesting guy, involved in advising large tech companies, investing and with a growing network of world-class performers from all walks of life. I first heard of Tim when I was living in Singapore and writing a couple of books while traveling, running Internet Marketing workshops and speaking at Seminars. People kept coming up to me and when they realised how much I was getting done but with still so much time to spare saying “oh, you’ve read the 4-Hour work week”, the book that brought Tim Ferriss into the larger public consciousness.

After a while I finally cracked and bought the book and found that I could really relate a lot to what Tim was writing and was indeed doing many of the things which he played out in his book. At that point I didn’t really look into Tim any further but years later found his podcast (The Tim Ferriss Show – see the useful podcasts page) and added it to my daily listening list. Having consumed about 50 hours of Tim’s material I had really got a feel for the type of guy is was and what he’s all about and became a follow of all of his content. His books Tools of Titans, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef are all books I love and that I’ve gifted to people I care about.

I cover more about Tim’s books on my Interesting Books page but I would also recommend that you check out Tim’s video series called The Tim Ferriss Experiment. My love of psychology, marketing, learning and sports and military experience are all addressed by Tim’s great content.