Crypto Bear Primer Report

Crypto Primer Report

Welcome to the download page for the Crypto Primer Report.

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

This report was written for anyone who is interested in crypto currencies and wants to get a good foundation.

This report is not a deep-dive but rather a Crypto-101.

So if you’ve started hearing about it and have decided to take the next step on the journey to really understanding it – this should be perfect for you.

I am working on some much deeper level reports and will also be releasing many training videos which cover all aspects of Crypto, and since it’s an ever-changing landscape where new things happen all the time, I’ll also be providing regular updates about what’s happening based on my many monthly hours of extensive research and testing.

Many people heard I was a crypto miner or saw me speaking about cryptocurrencies and asked me to write this beginners report so I really hope you enjoy it and it helps you get a solid foundation on which to build your crypto education.

Once you’ve finished reading this report, you will know…

  • A brief history of cryptocurrencies

  • What a cryptocurrency is and how they are relevant in the real world

  • What a blockchain is, and why it is so important

  • How you can get involved in cryptocurrencies

  • The benefits and risks, and why it’s important to know them

  • A glimpse into the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

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Many thanks
Andy (The Crypto Bear) Henry

CryptoCurrency Primer